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Big butts like it big presents: Adrianna Nicole gets a baton stuck up her ass by big cocked criminals

Scene Title: One for the Team

Storyline: Special Agent Adrianna Nicole is on a track. She just found two of America's most wanted criminals, Keiran Lee and Jordan Ash. As she's about to arrest them, the tables turn and she finds herself in a double penetration situation. She'll do anything to stall time until back-up arrives...

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What people are saying about: Adrianna Nicole - One for the Team bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

the girl is okay but the scene is awesome.. better lookin girl =better rating.

Comment #2

This lil cock whore looks AWESOME getting fucked doggy while getting face fucked at the same time!!! Then she gets even hornier as she takes a fabulous doggy DP followed by turning her over and getting two cock again in another DP!! You guys rating it low are too hard to please!!

Comment #3

I don't know how this bigbuttslikeitbig scene is rated so low. I think Adrianna is so hot because she is so dirty. Every one of her Brazzers scenes have been excellent. Please keep her coming back for more.

Comment #4

Great action but this gal should be more verbal. Any gal that can DP like that should learn to talk dirty. Her last line should have been,"I took two for the team".

Comment #5

How is it possible that the setup fell limp. She's an agent and gets a tip of where the criminals are. She's advised not to go in alone that back up is on the way. She looks through the window and sees the size of Jordan's cock. As she stares in awe, Keiran comes from behind with his gun. Then they can do whatever with her. I don't have a problem watching double penetration. The best thing about the bigbuttslikeitbig video though was Adrianna talking under her breath cash shit to Jordan. It was apparent from watching that he couldn't handle that snapper. The cradle wasn't working out. At least she took control of that cumshot.

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