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Scene Title: Whipped!

Storyline: Jordan and his friends are together at his house watching the game. The only thing is Jordan is not watching it because his girlfriend Carmel wants him to sweep the floors. Bothered by how whipped Jordan is, his friends try to make him gain some confidence to talk back to her. Obviously, Carmel Moore's beautiful ass and tits are to strong to overpower and he loses the battle.

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What people are saying about: Carmel Moore - Whipped! bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

Great scene! Just get rid of the two want to be gangsters in the early shot. Or are they there to rub on Jordan to keep him hard, cause I thought that only gays and women wear earings. Keep the great shots going with Carmel, just get some new actors that don't look like they came from the gay bar.

Comment #2

Nothing better than Carmel taking dirty. Thats enough to get me to cum right there! Jordan you lucking bastard getting to fuck Carmel's lovely ass! A2M=2x4 erection Another A2M and I'm dripping like a leaky cum faucet! 3rd ATM and cum missiles are on stand by to launch!Dirty talk while cumming all over Carmels beautiful face! Sweet!

Comment #3

ove the accent makes the bigbuttslikeitbig scene fuckin' great LOVE THIS chick

Comment #4

Other than the two dudes sounding like a broke CD, it wasn't a bad story. Carmel was ultra sexy in her lingerie. Jordan is gonna be missed when his the rest of his scenes are gone. Dude is hilarious beyond words. Even though anal is a big deal and she even talks back when she getting fucked. I actually like to see her fuck back in return. She's still a gorgeous dirty chick

Comment #5

Would have preferred her to keep on the stockings and suspenders while he fucked her, but she still looked great. In her her early stuff Carmel looked quite sweet. Now she looks like a total fucking whore; great tits, great pussy and she takes it up the arse. Oh and I love it when she talks dirty. More soon please Carmel.

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