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Big butts like it big presents: Cindy Dollar gets big cock in her ass for stealing a car

Scene Title: Big Ass Thieve

Storyline: Cindy stole the wrong man's car today!!Don't nobody mess with Mr.Sins!!He was so fucking mad and sent his goons out to go get that bitch Cindy. They came back with her soon after and it wasn't nothing nice. He took one look at that fat ass and decided to tear her a new one!!No mercy on her asshole for what she did to him!Cindy damn sure learned her lesson...or did she?

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What people are saying about: Cindy Dollar - Big Ass Thieve bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

I love European girls. So sexy and dirty !. Cindy is stunning with a gorgeous body. She looks so good taking cock. Excellent scene brazzers, please get more Euro girls soon !!!

Comment #2

Forgot I watched this bigbuttslikeitbig scene. Cindy Dolla is hot and these Czech broads are animals, otherwise I'd have no interest in a BBLIB scene. This was hot; not too rough, but rough enough to turn me on. It was funny watching Johnny yell, but then he took out his anger on her titties and ass, so it worked out okay. I hope you guys do another trip abroad, cuz I really like these Czech birds you filmed there...

Comment #3

The scene deffinately looks hot, specially since it has that impression of being a rough anal scene. But I can't give it a good grade on that alone since I could'nt hear what was going on. Hell I though that I suddenly went deaf in both ears. LOL. Thank God I didn't go blind too, if that would have happened ya just might as well cut off my dick and burry my ass! Lets fix the sound tech crew! :)

Comment #4

This didn't even look like the same chick from a couple weeks ago on BT@S. When she got tag teamed by Johnny and Voodoo. I guess this scene was going for the rape but she was way to into from the start. I mean her pussy was glisten when he put her on the table. She was more than ready and willing to take a pounding from Johnny. This was a hot scene with plenty of good positions to rub to. Nice work Greek God.

Comment #5

ts really rated too low. i'm not into anal and im still not but the scene was a 10. sins was on point and cindy was a great slut.

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