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Big butts like it big presents: Officer Dames getting her asshole ripped a new one

Scene Title: Resisting Anal Arrest Pt 2

Storyline: Officer Dames and Officer Nails are called-in to investigate a domestic disturbance between Johnny Sins and his girlfriend Rebeca. When the officers arrive on location they have to split up the couple because they are out of control. When Officer Dames finds out that they are fighting because Rebeca doesn't want Johnny's big dick up her ass, Officer Dames solves the problem by letting him get a taste of what he wants.

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What people are saying about: Claire Dames - Resisting Anal Arrest Pt 2 bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

this actress have a big great ass, just like my ex! That's a love to do anal in big ass. Really great anal scene from bigbuttslikeitbig.

Comment #2

the fact this scene is rated less than a 9 is one of the worst execution of rating systems since Randy Couture beat Pedro Rizzo by decision. that deepthroat was sooooo awesome, and who can argue against a piledriver followed by a reverse piledriver? i don't really mind that the role playing was dropped early in the sex because it might have gotten in the way of some great anal action.

Comment #3

I gotta admit. This is the first time I have ever seen Clare. While she may not be the slimmest, trimmest and curviest of all the girls, she works that ass like nobody's business. Great fuckin' anal. And her DT is off the fuckin' charts!!!!!! She loves what she does and I loves what she does :-) I'll definitely watch more of Clare from now on.

Comment #4

This scene was abit of a letdown from part one. I was expecting Clarie to have that cop mindset and just be angry. You know like "so your wife won't let you fuck her in the ass". "Show me what you'd do to to her'. Now that's when Claire gets on him and cause he being soft and tame with her. "You want her to open up that backdoor then I suggest you prove how much you want it with some aggression". The sex was solid like fucking ice. Her deep throat is fucking insane now. I wasn't digging the doggy but everything else was straight cash. I love that T-bone position when that ass hangs off the couch. I was loving the cowgirl. My favorite position was the reverse piledriver. It's funny that she i only underrated on ZZ. She doesn't even mind shooting herself in the face with a hot load

Comment #5

Oh yes! thanks Brazzers for both anal arrest scenes.

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