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Big butts like it big presents: Bitchy Chick gets a taste of her own medacine

Scene Title: Give That Bitch A Lesson!

Storyline: Claire is going to learn her lesson... When she's being a real bitch to a convenience store clerk and making clients wait behind her at the cash, Jordan will completely loose it, pin her down and stick his fat cock in her ass... all this with the help of other clients of course!!

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What people are saying about: Claire Dames - Give That Bitch A Lesson! bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

Whaoo! Claire is very hot and nasty in this scene! I love to see her bicth side, and just after, her nympho side! My cock is very hard!

Comment #2

I was a waiter my freshman year in college and people can be assholes when you serve them. So watchin' that Bitch get smacked around was fuckin' awsome! You'll understand if you ever had a retail job. However I am not much of a fan of Mrs. Dames but loved this scene. You guys should make more like it.

Comment #3

What's the name of the blonde girl who tries to pay for gas? I've seen her in the intros of a few scenes but never in any scenes of her own.

Comment #4

For anyone that thought the Saw parody was r**e. Well move on past that scene cause Claire got fucking r**ed. I still cracked up laughing my ass off. Jordan had the munchies like a muhfucka. Claire was playing the perfect bitch. I was certainly liking the mess they made in the store. The one thing I didn't like was Jordan not answering her when she asked where his cock was. Just say it already so the scene will move on. Nothing worse than hearing these chicks say the same shit over and over. The best position had to be the piledriver. Jordan reminded me of a sumo wrestler the way he stood. R**e or not I still enjoyed the scene. They are only acting

Comment #5

Damn! Who's the hot redhead lending a helping hand?

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