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Scene Title: Sophisto Anal Destruction

Storyline: Mrs Flower Tucci is late for her massage appointment and she isn't having a very good day. To be honest she's one of those rich sophisticated bitches that belong in the bottom of the ocean. I mean who the hell in the world likes them anyway. Scott sees this immediately and shows Flower that everyone deserves to be respected no matter how much money you make. Scott pounds, I mean pounds Mrs Tucci's buttocks till the cows come home. Get your milk and cookies for this one folks, she's a keeper.

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What people are saying about: Flower Tucci - Sophisto Anal Destruction bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

I would pay a whole lotta money for 2 things from her: 1. sit on my face with that huge ass 2. squirt in my mouth

Comment #2

I love me some Flower Tucci, and big round Ass women in general, but seriously, showing a close up of Flower's less than perfect legs and thighs was a bad move. I think Flower should work on her cellulite before it gets out of hand. So just so you guys don't forget Porn is all about fantasy, and not so much reality, don't enhance or show off aspects of the Porn chicks that remind us of our ex girlfriend's imperfections. With that being said, I enjoyed the scene over all, and loved the sexual performance from Flower.

Comment #3

This was an excellent scene in my eyes. I don't care that her ass and thighs aren't how they should look. I don't care that she doesn't have an enhanced rack. The real beauty of this chick is deep within. She's got beauty and simply knows how to fuck. She started with her acting skills playing the super bitch role. Then he attacked her ass like a full court press. I was loving the doggy when she had both knees on that table and that ass getting railed. She showed off her power as she was squatting good and deep on that cock. I can't forget to mention the head either. She was slurping on that thing so hard. I figured she was bound to get a brain freeze. The juicy Jasmine Jolie making a guest appearance. Snoogans!

Comment #4

I still enjoy, watching Flower, but wtf was up with that skirt, and close up, of her legs in the beginning, not to arousing, try a normal skirt, next time around, we know how Flower's body is, it would have been a much better turn on, for me personally. As far as the action, and story, short straight to the point, or should I say hole, only thing bothered me, no Vaginal! A few updates, have been only Anal scenes, that is not cool! 8 out of 10 for Flower!

Comment #5

If she doesn't lose some pounds and contrarily keeps eating more and more, there will be a new Brazzers' franchise for those "fat lovers" called "FAT GIRLS LIKE IT BIG" or something like that. I doesn't like skeletal girls, and I think Flower is really one of the best pornstars all around, but c'mon she must not waste all her glory because just some pounds. Don't get me wrong: "just some pounds" that's all.

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