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Scene Title: Writers Block

Storyline: Kelly is a successful aggressive sex novelist. She is in the middle of her new book typing away on her laptop when she starts to get writers block. She tries to visualize what will happen next in her novel but keeps getting distracted. That is until her neighbor Scott stops by to drop off some mail that was accidentally delivered to his house. Kelly uses this opportunity to act out what would happen next in her novel and it gets intense!

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What people are saying about: Kelly Divine - Writers Block bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

Really good story here. I liked how the first guy was doing it for her. Just so happens Scott delivered more than the mail. She was foaming at the mouth like a dog giving him head. I liked her being bent completely over as the blood rushes to her head while she gets pounded. Besides the cowgirl being off the hook with her just firing down on him. I liked the T-bone he was hitting her with too. She really close to being on the verge of being Phat Pack material. Just listen to how she wants before they get started. Now that's Snoogans!

Comment #2

I will admit, I wasn't into Kelly that much until, I recently interacted with her, last week. Kelly is a sweetheart, down to earth type of girl, she's got a lot of humor, and can dress her ass off, (big ass at that) She can make that thing clap also, anyway the bigbuttslikeitbig scene was solid, I give it a 9 out of 10, Scott went in that beautiful love hole of hers first, before getting down and dirty with the other one. That was how I got my score, right there, always, let them do a little vag before being totally nasty. This one was very aggressive, especially, when she was bent over by the wall, and he was pounding away at her holes, then gagging her, a.t.m style, the other positions were strong too, but not as much, and she didn't lose the skirt, I had to take off, for those little drawbacks.

Comment #3

yo brazzers this is what ive been talking bout. the HD scenes that don't have an insane mega bite count. this and asa's video are fuckin sweet and small. keep up this great work so i can keep ya pay roll up.

Comment #4

Kelly rules!! more of her!

Comment #5

ove Kelly but with an ass like hers, it's criminal not to have her in doggy (ie on all fours, not bending over the table) so a big thumbs down from me. Bellboy scene was much better.

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