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Big butts like it big presents: Lexi Love gets her ass punished with two big cocks

Scene Title: Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Storyline: Lexi Love goes into the men's bathroom to do her make up. Criss goes in to take a piss and tells Lexi that she is in the wrong bathroom. Lexi tells Criss to fuck off and shows disrespect for his big cock. Criss leaves the bathroom just to come back with Security Guard Ralph Long. Both Ralph and Criss show Lexi to respect big cocks by fucking her in every hole as Lexi learns the lesson the hard way.

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What people are saying about: Lexi Love - Lesson Learned The Hard Way bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

This girl`s ass is a monument, it handles everything i would like to see her with 2 or 3 black fellas with huge cocks...she is one of the best in the business...tkx

Comment #2

A nice twist - having the girl peep on the guy. More scenes like this please or with themes where the girl walks in on guy and catches him masturbating - esp. in MILF's like it big section or Teens like it big !!

Comment #3

I loved it when the nightstick gets shoved up Lexi's sexy ass - Now thats entertainment!

Comment #4

Nothing against Lexi Love but I'm not feeling her. I mean yes she has a really nice big ass. The restroom sex was pretty good. No one got left out of the scene either. Just because b/b/g is going on doesn't mean they have to DP her. Kinda hard to tell how much of that night stick she took in the ass. I've seen her squirt in both her scenes and I didn't like that either. Oh well maybe third time is the charm.

Comment #5

just need to say it . . . this bigbuttslikeitbig scene f-KING ROCKS! The Dynamic-DICKED Duo, Ralph and Criss, are a MASSIVE force to be reckoned with, and clearly encourage each other to give their all. Love the men's room setting. And Lexi's game, (though her nails are a bit distracting). This is why I joined Brazzers, and why I'm staying. BIG RULES! More pairing of Ralph and Criss please! Thanks.

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