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Scene Title: Fetch Bitch! Fetch the Bone!

Storyline: Keiran is your typical average guy. He wakes up in the morning brushes his teeth, washes his face, drinks his coffee, reads his newspaper, and walks his dog, which happens to be his girlfriend tied to leash. But overall it's a normal day in the life of Keiran Lee.

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What people are saying about: Puma Swede - Fetch Bitch! Fetch the Bone! bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

thought the intro was motherfucking HILARIOUS! I'm a big fan of Puma, and clealy, she is not used to anal since she fucking shits on the cock.. So stay away from that, or atleast edit it out man wtf?! Thought the scene was ok, her being a dog didnt affect me much, since you know, she's not really a fucking dog, she's a fucking hot swedish woman ( hottest women in the world ) All in all, great scene, the intro with keiran and the sad music was great.. just didin't see it coming that he had such a nice dog haha :D

Comment #2

Puma Swede got treated worse than this. There's another scene, from a DVD, got slapped 50 times, throat gagged, swallowed cum and kissed guys feets. and more shit.

Comment #3

She has such a gorgeous body and she looks great with her tight ass full of cock. Now all you need is a return film with her wearing a strap while she shags Mr Lee up the bum to get her own back for being treated so bad

Comment #4

This has to be my favourite Brazzers scene to date...fucking unbelievable!! Puma is a HOT anal slut and Keiran is a stud. LOVED the rough humiliation stuff and the footlicking - awesome!! Please Brazzers give us more scenes with the girls being put through their paces - cock worship, footlicking, ass eating, and hardcore anal!! Awesome.

Comment #5

not cool dude... the whole time i can't stop thinking about fucking animals... couldn't watch it all... i guess it's good for people into beastiality or weird ass role playing shit like this, horrible scene

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