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Big butts like it big presents: Shyla Stylez smuggles a diamond in her ass and pays the price of a big cock

Scene Title: Butt Frisk

Storyline: Shyla was stopped at the airport for setting off the metal detectors. Once in the security office she was giving Officer Lee some problems. She demanded a woman for the body search but Keiran couldn't get that to happen, so he had to do the business. With all of her attitude, Keiran decided to teach her a lesson in discipline. He disciplined that ass and mouth...

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What people are saying about: Shyla Stylez - Butt Frisk bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

she is the hottest porn star ever. I would give a years pay to do her.

Comment #2

shyla never looked better. she took 10 inches of cock in her ass like it was nothing ... damn. i'd be too intimidated to have sex with a woman like that :-/

Comment #3

I believe I will be picking this bigbuttslikeitbig video as my brand new favorite and not just for the new site. From start to finish this scene was on fire. If Brett Brando didn't direct this then some one needs a raise. Also much props to the editor. The butt plug was genius. The acting was absolutely great. Room number 420 lol I love it. The outfit that she got to wear for this scene made my laptop shut down. Best part for me the director made sure it was in the right time that was stated. Just like the scene under the bridge in "Man on fire". This is done on a Tony Scott level in my opinion.

Comment #4

I'm glad to see the old shyla stylez back. shyla these are the scenes that made you the veteran pornstar you are today and you looked great girl! when shyla stepped out of the car she looked as hot as i have seen her in years especially with the outfit she had on (it really showcased her boobs). she even looked hotter taking kerian's long pole up her ass and ending with a facial. shyla loved your outfit before the fucking and during the fucking, girl you looked great all together. kerian you know i love your long dick and you always look hot!! i'm just impressed with the recent girls like shyla and deliah that can take your long pole anal. if i could bitch about anything in this scene (even though it was smokin hot) the fucking lasted less than 10 minutes. however i can't blame kerian for blowing his load so soon knowing shyla wanted a facial and as hot as she looked. smoking hot scene brazzers and absolutely love the new site!!!! rock on brazzers!!!

Comment #5

I was as into this bigbuttslikeitbig video as much as the other members were. The build up lasted 20 minutes and the sex lasted 9? Not good. The airport scenes were nice, I was expecting some really bad airport set to appear behind the stars. The outfit she had on wasn't that attractive in my opinion. Didn't like the gloves or the stockings with the outfit, but still feel the outfit didn't look good with her figure. It's good to see some anal, and the butt plug in her ass setting the metal detectors off was hilarious. I think this scene would have worked better as a M/M/F scene. It seemed like a scenario that should have had DP in it. Overall, decent, but nothing great. 7/10

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