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Big butts like it big presents: Trina gets her tight ass pounded by a huge slong

Scene Title: K-Dog The Booty Hunter

Storyline: K-Dog the Booty Hunter is after the worlds most notorious booty. Blessed with her big ass, Trina Michaels struggles daily to avoid the Booty Hunters wrath. When she gets caught, K-Dog the Booty Hunter unleashes his vengeance on her big beautiful booty.

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What people are saying about: Trina Michaels - K-Dog The Booty Hunter bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

Once again Trina demonstrates her sexual prowess. She is definitely one of the best anal stars in the Brazzers cast. The outfit was great, and make-up deliciously slutty. Now if she could only animate her scenes with a little more verbal action. Get your screnewriter out of his coma and toss the girl a few good lines.

Comment #2

I have nothing against Keiran but where was Evan Stone for this story. I do know that Trina looked insanely hot in her ensemble. Kudos to you Keiran for wearin that ass out. His cock was like a heat-seeking missile when she was in reverse cowgirl. Also had some other stellar positions like doggy, cowgirl, and her ass hanging off the bed was tremendous. Keiran is gonna have to stop aiming for the eye. Was that a cameo by Tricia Oaks at the start?

Comment #3

Trina never lets you down, great bigbuttslikeitbig video and finally some decent doggy style anal which has been missing in the past few weeks, not perfect but decent, see her classic scene on BTAW for perfectly shot doggy style ass fucking and she gives an swesome tit wank as well.

Comment #4

Play nice and join the movement. We want more bare feet in these movies!!!!!

Comment #5

Nice to have a new trina michaels scene! She is always give a great performance

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