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Scene Title: Corner pocket...Suck it!

Storyline: The male ego is something not to be toyed with. Tyla comes to a pool hall and cleans house! The guys are beyond hurt...especially their pockets! To add salt to a wound, Tyla asks if anyone is man enough to take her on!One badass at the bar feels he is just the man for the job,but if he wins...its not money he's taking...it's that tight asshole he wants!

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What people are saying about: Tyla Wynn - Corner pocket...Suck it! bigbuttslikeitbig video

Comment #1

Tyla is fucking awsome id eat that ass anytime or fuck her in public anytime of the day

Comment #2

Maybe not the best face, but one of the best facials on this site. That position orks well for really covering a girl's face, the way it ought to be covered atthe end of a porn scene.

Comment #3

At first I thought this chick was Brooke Belle. Jordan had his Jake Elwood look going. I've not scene Tyla Wynn before but her scene wasn't bad at all. Like was the bald guy that kept walking back in her bf? I was like dude get the fuck out you are ruining this scene. At least we got alittle vag and anal to satisfy the members. I'm pretty sure she had naturals but the categories never implied that. I thought the scene was pretty hot though. I liked the cumshot too. I seen that done with Cassie Young and Greek God.

Comment #4

yla is the ultimate anal whore from way back. you couldn't have picked a better chick for this shoot. excellent casting. loved the pool cue in her ass. almost as hot as when lexi love took a nightstick in hers.

Comment #5

Tyla is not the best looking girl in porn but I've seen her in some hot scenes and she does have a good body. This didn't come across at all in an atrocious scene. When I joined a reality site I just wanted a bit of a storyline to give the scene a bit extra but Brazzers has gone too far in that the sex has now become just like two people fucking in real life. There doesn't appear to be any thought going into how best to show off the girls body just guys fucking the shit out of them and shot like a documentary or something, all wobbly cameras and stuff. Looks really amateurish at the moment and they need to get some directors who know what they are doing.

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