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Big butts like it big presents: Felony fucks the geek with the big cock

Scene Title: Cheerleader Pounding

Storyline: Johnny was spying on Felony changing in the locker room but she caught him. She was so pissed she wanted to get her boyfriend to beat him up. Then she noticed Johnny's big huge cock and she just couldn't resist... she needed it in all of her orifices. Johnny knew what to do, so i guess we can assume nerds know how to fuck...

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Comment #1

WHAT AN ASS...GORGEOUS!! a new chapter in Kamasutra is born :-)

Comment #2

Wow! But big ass is the wrong tag. It should be beautiful ass! And what a gorgeous asshole, and receptive too. And Felony is the fitting name, cuz it's a crime to stuff a big cock up that tight tender orifice. Let me at it!

Comment #3

felony you won't win any dick sucking awards and especially any awards for placing your hand out to keep johnny's cum off of your face. however you can win some awards based on your performance, your ass, and those big tits. the locker room setup was nice and i'm convinced that johnny's favorite position is the pile driver. felony you deserve kudoz for fucking johnny's long pole and some decent a2m. overall a good bigbuttslikeitbig scene minus felony trying to keep johnny's money shot off her face. love the new site brazzers!!!

Comment #4

Felony and Johnny might not have had the greatest script but the sex was off the charts. This was a straight earthquake. Johnny nice job with your acting. Overall Felony is the real deal cause she wanted bad and wouldn't except anything less

Comment #5

She's a trooper! Thats what I'm talkin about Brazzers. Get rid of some of these beached whales and bring in some more talent like Felony. Good Job!

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