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Scene Title: The Customer's Always Right

Storyline: Jenny Hendrix is the head of a mail order bride company. Voodoo comes in furious because the bride he ordered from the agency stole all his money and his car and now demands a full refund. She informed him of the no refund policies the agency holds, but he wouldn't hear it. He demanded compensation for it, and he made sure he got it in full!!

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Comment #1

this is the first movie i watched with jenny, i am a devoted fan since, she has such good looks, a big ass, the glasses are great and make you look more innocent, she takes a big dick in her ass with such ease-- u are great to watch, the only problem is i wish my dick would be in her ass, u need to have her do more ANAL,ANAL,ANAL!!!!!!!!!--- she does it with such energy and enjoyment, she is the sexiest babe u have,-- i am in love with her,!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment #2

Jenny was superb as the bossy little bitch in charge of the agency. And full marks to Voodoo for giving her gorgeous, juicy butt the pounding it was asking for. A very enjoyable bigbuttslikeitbig scene, and Jenny really is a hot, nasty little slut - and I mean that in the best, most complimentary sense possible.

Comment #3

I totally agree with deeperez, Jenny has one of the top 5 bubble butts in the biz, when she was riding that cock was phenomenal. The guy wasn't doing much when she was in cg or reverse cg positions good thing she really knows how to ride it. I also agree that she looks way hotter with blonde hair but definetly luv her in any scene. I specially luv when she's screaming "i'm a fucking dirty girl". Great job zz

Comment #4

The Customer's Always Right !! Jenny has the most fuckable ass in porn since Naomi Russell !! Awesome chick, awesome bigbuttslikeitbig scene, an ass truly made for anal impaling... words cannot describe how awesome it was when he was fucking her sideways and she was spreading her cheeks !!! and then... just when i thought it couldnt POSSIBLY get any better, she straddled him on the desk and impaled her ass with his cock, and started working the north/south combo as she rocked his cock with her ass... dudes... that WAS IT !!! it was the moment that sent me fleeing for the tissue box !! This scene alone was the purpose I joined Brazzers, and I'm glad I did ! That particular position right there is a MUST DO for ANY kick-ass anal scene to be worth it's salt !! Jenny Hendrix has an ass made in heaven !! i hope she doesn't mess it up with stupid diets and such... an ass like that is hard to get back !! Next time they need to pair her up with a dude that has an EVEN BIGGER SCHLONG so we can watch her ass swallow cock vertically to great extent !! FIVE STARS for this scene guys !! this is GOLD !!

Comment #5

Jenny with the dark hair now. Oh Hell. Even as a blonde you had a nice dark look. You a great looking girl with some great fucking in a good bigbuttslikeitbig scene.

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